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We offer valuation services for residential and commercial (office & retail) properties for owner occupiers, lenders or investors. The purpose of valuation can range from acquisition and disposal or raising finance, to valuations for annual accounts.

Our valuation services are provided on the basis of one of these standards:

Valuation services in accordance with these standards are offered by a large number of individuals and renowned companies throughout the country. So why would you commission us and not one of our competitors? What is it that makes our valuation service unique?

First, we believe that sustainability aspects must be considered within the valuation process since issues related to the growing awareness of and need for more sustainable development are driving all major value-influencing forces. This view is reflected in our valuation work through:

Second, we operate under the maxim that valuers cannot be expected to predict the future but that they can be expected to be as transparent as possible with regard to their assumptions even if these assumptions are (by nature) subjective, highly uncertain and maybe wrong from an «omniscient observer's» perspective.

In our view, risk and uncertainty are inherent parts of the valuation process because the valuer is never able to determine and precisely price all current and future influences on the value of a property asset. We therefore use approaches for addressing risk and uncertainty within our valuation reports and provide:

We have expressed our views on addressing risk and uncertainty in valuations in a → research paper that has been published in the Journal of Property Investment & Finance and won an → Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence 2007.

In case you are not interested in individual property valuation services but require portfolio valuation / mass appraisal services please contact our affiliated company → AAAcon.