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The research presented here is partially available free for downloading. In some cases, however, access is restricted due to copyright or other reasons. If you have an interest in a contribution that falls under the latter category, please → email us.

Lützkendorf, T., Lorenz, D. and Michl, P. (2013)

Debating economic performance aspects of buildings in the context of sustainability assessments

Proceedings of the Sustainable Building Conference Graz 2013 (SB13), Graz, 25–28 September 2013 (Best Paper Award)

Atkins, J., Connaughton, J., Coskun, Y., Dixon, T., Holmes, R., Inman, D., Lorenz, D., van der Maaten, E. and Toth, Z. (2013)

Published by: The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

von Woedtke, W. und Lorenz, D. (2013)

Immobilien Zeitung, 05.09.2013, Nr. 35, S. 13

Hill, S., Lorenz, D., Dent, P. and Lützkendorf, T. (2013)

→ Professionalism and ethics in a changing economy

Building Research & Information, Vol. 41, Nº 1, pp.

Hartenberger, U., Lorenz, D. and Lützkendorf, T. (2013)

→ A shared built environment professional identity through education and training

Building Research & Information, Vol. 41, Nº 1, pp.

Meins, E., Lützkendorf, T., Lorenz, D., Leopoldsberger, G., Frank, S., Burkhard, H.P., Stoy, C. und Bienert, S. (2011)

Published by: CCRS, Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, Universität Zürich

Presentation Downloads:

World Sustainable Building Conference 2011 (SB11), Special Forum 6

EU Sustainable Energy Week 2008, RICS Panel Session

Lorenz, D. (2008)