In The Woods
Dr. Lorenz Property Advisors is a team of
experienced property professionals providing advice
on commercial and residential property investment
in order to assist in making more sustainable property
Think Piece:

Hill, S., Lorenz, D., Dent, P. and Lützkendorf, T. (2013)

→ Professionalism and ethics in a changing economy

Building Research & Information, Vol. 41, Nº 1, pp.


We believe that following sustainable development principles in property decision making results in a higher quality, more livable, environmentally and socially sensitive built environment and creates great value and superior financial performance for property owners at the same time.

We share a fascination for buildings and a passion for delivering informed, professional services to clients needed to achieve strategic property goals and optimise economic results of property investment and ownership.

On this website you will find information about our property services and on the various possibilities of increasing the financial benefit of your investment by following the → principles of sustainable development.